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Dragon ball's setting has a shade of Chinese influence to it even though it isn't dominant. The setting of Dragon Ball was the "Journey to the West" (Legend of the Monkey King), which was considered one of the greatest Chinese work for all time. Comparatively, Dragon Ball is relatively simple. Son Goku is the name of the Monkey King (if you read the Kanji). Besides Goku, many of the other characters and places were inspired by the Legend as well. Gyuu Maou, the Demon Cow Lord was one of the villains the Monkey King fought against in the Legend. The Heaven and Hell in the Dragon Ball universe also shared many similarities. In the world of the Legend, heaven has the North, East, South and West gates. Similarly, the Dragon Ball Heaven is divided into four sections, each controlled by a Kaiou-sama.

Dragon Ball is mainly a two part series Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. That was followed by Dragon Ball GT.

On this home page, I might include some history and background on the show, such as what network it appears on and when it first came on the air. I might also include some information about how I became a fan and what I think makes this show so special.

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